The Central Alberta Herding Clinic was a great success.

Today, I’m collecting photos and will be posting them here over the next few days. And to take a breather. Saturday and Sunday were monster days of keeping track of everyone, and finding one lost participant. All in all, everyone and their dog left with a huge respect for the herding breeds, an appreciation for the herding dog trainers, and a smile from seeing their dog’s performance, even if Fido’s instincts fell a bit short of trial quality.

In spite of the rain, everyone who registered attended (except one due to illness). We owe a huge thank you to W Five Farms Dana and Herbert for letting us use their horse arena. Kathy and Ralph Playdon provided a table full of goodies as well as the most delicious burgers and smokies.

I was totally impressed with the dogs, including the ones that hadn’t seen sheep before, but exhibited strong herding instincts. Those Border Collies, German Coolie, Australian Kelpie, Blue Healer – a m a z i n g!!!

Our Sheltie group had to admit the Sheltie can herd, but it will take more dedication and perseverance. The Shelties entered the ring with some pretty snarly sheep but showed no fear, especially wee Tux. Very impressive.

None of this would have been possible if it were not for Kathy Playdon’s willingness to fit us in her crazy busy schedule. Kathy gave one on one attention to each dog and its handler, providing feedback and instruction. And even when a few herders wanted to taste a bit of mutton, Kathy managed to keep smiling. Her calm and wise leadership is what made this event such a fun and educational event.

Thank you, Kathy.

Photo: Kathy Playdon (left) and Ralph (right seated) meeting with Sunday’s group.DSCN0813