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Judy, Sammy and Jade at Chickakoo

Judy, Sammy and Jade at Chickakoo

Since man developed a kinship with wolves, my ancestors understood that behind those mystical eyes a soul offered more than a hunting partnership. Both species found the other useful for their own purposes – survival. The human race owes a lot to the species that evolved into canis lupus familiaris.

We all know how the dog has become far more than a loyal ally.  More recently, science has proved the significant health benefits of pet ownership. I feel it everyday. The stresses of everyday life can be overwhelming. I should know better at my age than to allow world politics and things I cannot control to suck the joy from my heart. But, like most of us, it takes an outside influence to get that monkey off our back. It takes a dog.

And, the dog’s healing secret has a better record than most modern clinical resolutions. Just gathering up my dog’s leashes and calling them to get ready for a ‘run-run’ triggers a switch. With Sammy and Jade in the back of my car heading to the off-leash park, I’ve left my troubles in the dust. Sammy chatters in the seat behind me, excited about running with his pals. The physical transformation is almost complete.

I’m me again. The me that’s strong, content, blissful.

I know that all dog breeds in general have this innate quality of slaying our dark moods. However, I find that the Shetland Sheepdog is gifted in magic. More than magic, really. It’s like they see through our barriers, see our woundedness, and like us anyways. Love us.

I’ve had several dogs over my lifetime. Loved them all. But it’s been the Sheltie that I felt knew me at a level like no other creature. There is an uncommon wisdom within those adoring eyes. I feel touched by a old soul.